Rural History 2015

Panel 11

Organizers: Muller, Miriam (1)

Affiliation: 1: University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Women and Daily Life in Medieval and Early Modern Rural Society I and II

Two linked panels will examine gender and in particular the position of women in medieval and early modern rural society. The panels will take an interdisciplinary approach and speakers are invited from all relevant disciplines, including archaeology and landscape studies. Speakers will address questions of the position and status of women in medieval society, and engage with the ongoing historiography about the levels of inequality in rural settlements. The role of women in contributing to the rural economy will be explored. What types of work did women perform, were there areas of labour where women were barred from or disadvantaged? Linked to the relationship of women to labour is also the position of women in law, so one question to be asked will be if local custom in England, for example, was more important to the experiences of medieval women than law on a national level. Was the relationship of women to lordship different to that of their male counterparts, and to what extent did gender influence levels of oppression and inequality. Papers are also invited examining women's health, diet and mentalities, it is hoped that one panel will mainly focus on matters of law and work and the other on gendered analyses of issues such as diet, health or ill-health, wellbeing, (including possible contributions on pregnancy, childbirth etc.) and mentalities. The panels will be cross - chronological as far as possible, and changes to women's experiences, such as pre and post the Black Death might be discussed.


Papers (part I)

Chair: Miriam Muller, University of Birmingham, UK

Paper 1:: Technological capacity of women in the High Middle Ages

Janken Myrdal and Ingvild Øye, University of Bergen, Norway

Paper 2: Sinusitis and Gender in Medieval European Rural Communities

Sandy Bardsley, Moravian College, Pennsylvania USA

Paper 3: Female labour, wages and reproduction at the olive-oil harvest process, Majorca, 1650 – 1700 [+]

Gabriel Jover-Avellà, University of Girona, Spain; Joana Maria Pujadas-Mora, Center for Demographic Studies- Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.


Papers (part II)

Paper 4: Women, work and daily Life in the later medieval English Village

Miriam Muller, University of Birmingham, UK

Paper 5: Women's Work in Rural England, 1500-1700: A New Methodological Approach

Mark Hailwood and Jane Whittle, University of Exeter, UK

Paper 6: Rural Credit and the Empowerment of Women in Early Modern France [+]

Elise Dermineur, Lund University, Sweden

Paper 7: Women at work in the region of Lodève (Languedoc, France) in early modern period: the case of crafts using textile broom fibres in 18th century [+]

Sylvain Olivier, Université de Nîmes, France


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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