Rural History 2015

Panel 20

Organizers: TEDESCHI, Paolo (4); BRASSART, Laurent (1); KISS, Zsuzsanna (3); VIVIER, Nadine (2); VAN MOLLE, Leen (5); Locatelli, Andrea Maria (6)

Affiliation: 1: université Lille 3 - IRHIS UMR CNRS 8529, France; 2: université du Maine, France; 3: Univ. Eötvös Lorànd University, Budapest, Hungary; 4: Universita Milano Biccoca, Italy; 5: Katholiek Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; 6: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano, Italy

Title: The making and the diffusion of agricultural progress in Europe (1760-1870)

It is commonly accepted that the agricultural take-off in Europe occurred at the end of the 19th century. Its main characteristics are the mechanization, the use of chemical fertilizers, the intensification of the rural emigration and the integration into the national and international economic markets.
But, between the economical Ancien Regime and the agricultural take-off at the end of 19th century, stands a long period of political, social and economic transition. From the physiocratic years in France to the 1860-1870’s, a double process occurred: growth of the state control on rural societies on the one hand; incentive measures to the agriculture development on the other hand. It mainly happened through the challenging of common rights, abolition of feudalism, agrarian changes, promotion of agricultural process and elaboration of agricultural public policies. This panel intends to enlighten the agricultural experiments in the European countryside from 1760s to 1870s. It will focus on the making of agricultural knowledge, its various ways of diffusion and its social and economic acknowledgment. Because the pathway to agricultural progress is not a straight line, we will emphasize as much on the failures as on the success of various initiatives. The relationship between agricultural policies and the structure of agricultural progress is the main issue of this panel. That’s why we strengthen the role of comices and exhibitions, the press and banks, agricultural societies and schools, social authorities and the State.
In the end, this panel would like to highlight the interplays between the State and farmers, agronomic science and agriculture, between official and unofficial managementing of economy of knowledge.



Chair: Laurent Brassart, University of Lille, France

Paper 1: Institutions, agrarian élites and agricultural development in Lombardy (18th-19th centuries)

Andrea M- Locatelli, Univ. cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, Italy; and Paolo Tedeschi, Univ. Milano Bicocca, Italy

Paper 2: The making and failure of Napoleon’s State Agricultural policy (1799-1815) in Europe.

Laurent Brassart, University of Lille, France

Paper 3: The role of agricultural associations in agricultural progress in 19th century Hungary [+]

Zsuzsanna Kiss, Eötvös Lorànd University, Hungary

Paper 4: The Comices: a scorned means of spreading agricultural progress in France, 1835-1875 [+]

Nadine Vivier, Université du Maine- Le Mans, France

Conclusion: Leen Van Molle, K.U Leuven, Belgium


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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