Rural History 2015

Panel 23

Organizers: Jonasson, Maren Johanna (1); Toivio, Hilja (2); Mäntylä, Mirja (2)

Affiliation: 1: University of Åbo Akademi, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

Title: To go where the grass is greener - the crossing of geographical and administrative borders in an agricultural context

"In this panel we explore the crossing of geographical and administrative borders in a national/international and rural/urban agricultural context. We focus on the crossing of national and administrative borders, but presenters are also welcome to include perspectives on the crossing of cultural, social, linguistic or ethnic divides. What are the advantages offered by these crossings and what are their implications on agriculture, animal husbandry and, for instance, city planning?
In transnational historical research ”travelling ideas” have been studied intensely in the last decades. We encourage paper proposals on travelling agricultural agents, be it agronomists, veterinaries, sales representatives of agricultural machinery or students going abroad to study agricultural chemistry, and on the spread of agricultural ideas and innovations during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Presentations on interaction between economic societies, honorary members in foreign economic societies and networks between agents in various fields of agriculture and animal husbandry are also themes of interest in this panel.
The conception that the grass is greener on the other side has been, and still is, a major incentive for many geographical border crossings, but not only in a national/international context. The border between rural and urban areas has undergone constant changes during the long nineteenth century due to rapid urbanization. In order to broaden the notion of crossing borders in an agricultural context, we welcome papers studying the extension of city limits into rural areas, like housing projects redefining the administrative borders of the city and the creation of suburbs on arable land.
Presentations on the interaction between the town-dwellers and the rural population and the exchange of goods and ideas between rural and urban areas are, in addition to the above mentioned, of interest in this panel, where we broadly deal with the human desire to go where the grass is greener."


Papers (part I)

Chair: Gianpiero Fumi, Catholic University of Milan, Italy

Paper 1: Apples and Education: Three Finnish pomologists travelling for ideas 1870–1910

Nina Edgren-Henrichson, University of Helsinki, Finland

Paper 2: Finnish horse breeding experts and their studies abroad at the end of the nineteenth century

Hilja Toivio, University of Tampere, Finland

Paper 3: Denmark as a model and ideal for Finnish farmers at the turn of the 20th century [+]

Riitta Mäkinen, University of Turku, Finland


Papers (part II)

Chair: Gianpiero Fumi, Catholic University of Milan, Italy

Paper 4: Finns, Swedes and Danes visiting agricultural meetings and fairs in neighboring Nordic countries ca. 1845–1860 [+]

Maren Jonasson, Åbo Akademi University, Finland

Paper 5: Adapting Innovation: The Introduction of European Machinery into Chile's Peripheral Countryside, 1850–1890

Claudio Robles-Ortiz, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile

Paper 6: Landlords’ progressive residential areas near the Finnish town of Tampere at the turn of the twentieth century

Mirja Mäntylä, University of Tampere, Finland


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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