Rural History 2015

Panel 26

Organizers: Jörgensen, Hans Erik (1); Locke, Anna (2)

Affiliation: 1: Umeå University, Sweden; 2: University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Title: Post-war agricultural rationalization and the welfare state

"State interventionism and regulations in agricultural production, inherited from the interwar years and WW II, were common features of the European Post-War recovery, which aimed at securing agricultural production and/to maintain the populations in the rural areas. State interventionism was also a part of social engineering, expressed by elements of planning, scientific expertise, education, and welfare state expansion. This had impacts on pricing, subsidies, and property restrictions. This economic dirigisme, was however dressed with national specific characteristics and agricultural rationalizations were to be conducted in relation to changes in other policy areas, e.g. industrial and educational policy. Owing to the fact that the policies applied were anything but uniform, the role as well as the reach of state involvement in agricultural matters were different. This panel focuses on experiences of agricultural policy development in various parts of Europe and the different national objectives that were in force from the 1940s up to the 1980s. While the case of Sweden and the Post-War agricultural rationalizations and property changes may be a useful departure for this perspective, through the so-called County Agricultural Boards, the panel invites studies of state interventionism and agricultural development in other parts of Europe too. This concerns both authoritarian and non-authoritarian states, and a focus on both the national and the regional levels. A main idea is to focus on the national specific restrictions, regulations and policies visible in agriculture, e.g. aiming at increased production or rationalization, restrictions on property relations and land use. The overall theme thus concerns agricultural rationalizations and production in the light of the Post-War “welfare” state development and the outcomes from these policies on the rural communities. "



Chair: Hans Jörgensen, Umeå University, Sweden,

Paper 1: Farming ideals and rural realities [+]

Anna Locke, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Paper 2: The County Agricultural Boards versus the Forest Companies in Two Swedish Counties 1950-1965. [+]

Hans Jörgensen, Umeå University, Sweden,

Paper 3: Enclosure by the Middle of the 20th Century. Structural Rationalization in a Parish of Southwestern Sweden

Klas Dahlén, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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