Rural History 2015

Panel 42

Organizers: Collantes, Fernando

Affiliation: University of Zaragoza, Spain

Title: The making of the modern dairy chain: an economic and social perspective

"The transformations undergone by the dairy chain are an essential part of the economic and social history of the modern food system. The aim of this session is to bring together scholars working on the historical evolution of the dairy chain in Europe and elsewhere, with a preference for papers focusing on the period from the mid-19th century onwards.
Papers may deal with any (or several, or all) of the links in the dairy chain, such as farming, manufacturing, retailing and consumption. Welcome topics include economic growth, structural change, innovation, farm management, business and household organisation, inequality and living standards among the different actors belonging to the chain, environmental and health impacts, changing patterns of consumption, consumer preference formation, and the politics of the dairy chain. But, of course, papers dealing with any other issues that are relevant to the history of the modern dairy chain will be considered as well.
Papers that undertake comparisons through time and space are more than welcome, but so are case studies that provide in-depth analyses of the historical dynamics of the dairy chain."


Papers (part I)

Chair: Fernando Collantes, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Paper 1: Accounting for the evolution of the Danish dairy industry: book-keeping, record-keeping and the development of comparative advantage [+]

Markus Lampe, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; and Paul Sharp, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Paper 2: Nodes of knowledge. Higher education in the Frisian dairy network, 1888-1914 [+]

Marijn Molema, Fryske Akademy, Netherlands

Paper 3: Developing a dairy industry in the American South, 1900-1930 [+]

Claire Strom, Rollins College, USA

Paper 4: Changes in dairy farming practices in Sweden between the late 1920s and 1980s [+]

Carin Martiin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden


Papers (part II)

Chair: Carin Martiin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Paper 5: The growth of the dairy industry in Great Britain, 1850-1960: what were the health consequences for consumers?

Peter J. Atkins, Durham University, UK

Paper 6: The dynamics of Barcelona’s milk supply, 1865-1936 [+]

Ismael Hernández Adell, TecnoCampus-Mataró, Spain; and Josep Pujol, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Paper 7: From the barn to the kitchen –fresh milk in Bern and Dublin in the first half of the 20th century

Peter Moser, Archives of Rural History, Bern, Switzerland

Paper 8: ‘The milk battle is still very far from resolution’: social limits to the spread of dairy products in the Spanish diet (1952-1966) [+]

Fernando Collantes, University of Zaragoza, Spain


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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