Rural History 2015

Panel 48

Organizers: Di Tullio, Matteo (1); Lorenzini, Claudio (2)

Affiliation: 1: Bocconi University, Milan, Italy; 2: University of Udine, Italy

Title: Continuity and change in crop diffusion and land uses in early modern period: a quantitative and spatial approach

"The diffusion of crops and land uses are traditional fields of research. Think, for example, of the study of the evolution of agrarian rotation systems or the analysis of the diffusion of new American crops to understand just how much has been published in this area. Since its beginnings, scholars have taken a ‘global’ research approach, building general interpretative frameworks to understand continuity and change in the European pre-industrial agrarian systems, with particular attention trained upon national or regional peculiarities as well as the diffusion of various (technical and agrarian) innovations. Until the 1980s, agrarian history concerns not only the diffusion of crops (particularly maize and/or potatoes), but also modifications in the agrarian landscape, with a specific interest paid to the study of technological innovations (in terms of tools and/or agrarian infrastructures).
Linking with this tradition, our proposal is to consider this ‘classical’ method of study, using a quantitative and/or spatial approach, which is already being used in very recent research. The aims are to: 1) quantify different crops, also linking to the reconstruction of the agrarian landscape and land uses; it is usually possible to analyse starting from the 18th century, thanks to reforms promoted by the Modern states, which in our case studies could be investigated using other different primary sources, such as the pre-modern estimi or cadastres and other censuses promoted at the local or central levels; 2) provide spatial representations, if possible, following these phenomena over time. The goal is to reconstruct the ascent or the decline of different crops in the socio-economic context of the studied area—the different kinds of property; the presence and quality of markets; different practices of consumption; and so on."



Chair: Matteo Di Tullio, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Discussant: Craig Muldrew, Cambridge University, UK

Paper 1. Land Uses and Peasant Diets in Early Modern Lombardy

Matteo Di Tullio, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Paper 2: The Distribution of Crops Between Production and Consumption in the Patria del Friuli (17th-18th century) [+]

Alessio Fornasin and Claudio Lorenzini, University of Udine, Italy

Paper 3: New Statistics – Sweden’s agricultural production c. 1570-1810 [+]

Lotta Leijonhufvud, Martin Linde, Lennart Andersson Palm, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Paper 4: One Province, Many Realities: Tuscia in Cadastral Surveys Between Early Modern and Modern History

Renato Sansa, University of Calabria, Italy

Paper 5: Continuity and Change in the Agrarian System of the Region of Lodève (Languedoc, France) in the Early Modern Period (Early 17th-Early 19th Centuries) [+]

Sylvain Olivier, University of Nîmes, France


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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