Rural History 2015

Panel 64

Organizers: Sala i Vila, Núria (1); Marino, Daniela (2); Galante, Miriam (3)

Affiliation: 1: Universitat de Girona (Spain); 2: Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexic); 3: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

Title: Citizens and Corporations: Equalities and Inequalities on the efinition of the Land Property in the liberal State in Latin America (s. XIX-XX)D

The session will explore the limits and the scope of the liberal project in the Latinamerican Nation-states. The areas of debate will be orientated to analyse in what way citizens and corporate entities,- people and indigenous communities -– but not only them-, were considered equal or not by liberal dictates; how such a complex and contradictory reality survived in justice order and in what sense social inequalities subsisted in the law. Furthermore, the fact that while it was theoretically promote subjective and individual titling of land ownership, in practice the debate on whether collective ownership should be legally recognized was still going on.
In short, the symposium will reflect on questions such as: to what extent were relevant struggles against inequality, or disputes in defenses of special jurisdictions in order to preserve corporations and their collective properties.


Papers (part I)

Paper 1: Between modernity and tradition. Guatemala's liberal regime and its common goods policy, 1877-1885

Aquiles Omar Ávila Quijas, DES/DivCSyH /Universidad de Guanajuato-Campus León, México.

Paper 2: Settlement and property rights on towns, fields and common lands on the Buenos Aires border (Argentina, 19th century): law and social practice in Azul and Tapalqué

María Fernanda Barcos (CONICET/IdIHCS-CHAyA-UNLP, Argentina) and Sol Lanteri (CONICET/Instituto Ravignani-UBA, Argentina)

Paper 3: Collective property against private property of the rural land, a Mexican 19th-century debate

Margarita Carbó Darnaculleta, UNAM, Mexico.

Paper 4: Indigenous in rural Justice. Central Mexico, the 1820s

Mirian Galante, UAM, Spain


Papers (part II)

Paper 5: Land litigation between tribal chiefs in the Audiencia of Lima in the 16th century

Renzo Honores, High Point University, US-Peru

Paper 6: Indian communities and individual property rights in amparo trials. Center of Mexico, 1856-1910

Daniela Marino, ENAH, Mexico

Paper 7: Justice for the community: Liberal Reform and indigenous communal lands in Peru, 1810-1824.

Núria Sala i Vila, UdG, Spain

Paper 8: The native, the law and the judge

Elisa Speckman Guerra, UNAM, Mexico


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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