Rural History 2015

Panel 69

Organizers: Cannon, Brian Quayle

Affiliation: Brigham Young University, United States of America

Title: Appraising the Rural History of the United States

"Our panel will include contributors to the Routledge History of Rural America, a state-US rural history: regionalism, rural lives in context, and change and development. The rural communities of the United States have acquired distinct characteristics as a result of their topography, climate, natural resources and cultural heritage. Panelists will provide a regional context for understanding change in rural communities. They will examine Mountain West resembles and differs from life in other parts of the United States. Issues under consideration will include the composition of the population, the economic activities central to each region, environmental considerations, and varying developmental trajectories over time.
The rural context has strongly shaped the history of people living in that environment. Rural women’s history, for example, deviates considerably from the mainstream of women’s history, as does the history of rural childhood. Panelists will discuss ways in which place has given a distinctive cast to social structures, sex roles, identity, education and social change.
Panelists will also explore recent changes in rural America including the impact of technology and international commerce. Technological change has dramatically altered the lives of rural residents while at the same time rural people have shaped technology to their own purposes. From the export of American agricultural products overseas, to the importation of agricultural inputs, and the importation of agricultural workers, the international economic context of agriculture has exerted important and formative effects on the experience of rurality in the United States."



Chair: Brian Q. Cannon, Brigham Young University, USA

Paper 1: Deep Roots and Bitter Fruit: Politics, Economy, and Identity in the American South

Kathleen Hilliard, Iowa State University, USA

Paper 2: The Remaking of Rural Society in the Twentieth Century South: Communities and the Environment in the Lower Mississippi River Valley

Jeannie Marie Whayne, University of Arkansas, USA

Paper 3: Race [+]

Debra Ann Reid, Eastern Illinois University, USA

Paper 4: Rural Childhood in America [+]

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Iowa State University, USA

Paper 5: The Rural Intermountain American West

Brian Quayle Cannon, Brigham Young University, USA


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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