Rural History 2015

Panel 72

Title: Open subject panel


Papers (part I)

Chair: Julie Marfany

Paper 1: The Economics of a Large Hacienda in the Colombian Caribbean [+]

Adolfo Meisel, Banco de la Republica, Colombia

Paper 2: Costa Rica’s outward-looking development: from ‘agriculture of change’ to food insecurity (1990-2008)

Elisa Botela Rodríguez, University of Salamanca, Spain

Paper 3: Smallholder Farmer Access to Assets and Basic Needs Satisfaction: Evidence from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru and Thailand

Jackeline Velazco, Catholic University of Peru, Peru; Ramon Ballester, University of Girona, Spain

Paper 4: Conflicts over social control of the environment in rural Argentina. Farmers and peasants of the Gran Chaco against deforestation and agricultural frontier development (1980-2010) [+]

Adrian Zarrilli, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentine Republic

Paper 5: Rural Restructuring in the Late 1980s in Turkey – Key Evidences from Cappadocia Region [+]

Seda Calisir-Hovardaoglu & Ozan Hovardaoglu, Erciyes Üniversitesi, Turkey


Papers (part II)

Chair: Anne-Lise Head-König

Paper 6: Forms of democracy in rural England, 1550-1800, and their enemies

Richard Hoyle, Institute of Historical Research, UK

Paper 7: Governing the commons in Portugal: an historical approach [+]

Margarida Sobral Neto, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Paper 8: Independent from the Army. The search for a better draught horse in Northern Italy (ca. 1880-1914)

Gianpiero Fumi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milan-Rome, Italy

Paper 9: Globalization and Countries’ Export Performance: Evidence from the International Olive Oil Market prior to World War II [+]

Ramon Ramon-Muñoz, University of Barcelona, Spain


Suggested deadline for sending completed papers 31 july 2015

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